Terms & Conditions

Booking Changes and Cancellations

Once you have made a booking and it has been confirmed, cancellation charges may apply if you are unable to attend. If the supplier is unable to fill your position on the allocated day you may lose your booking completely. If we are able to change your booking the following fees will apply as a minimum and may vary between suppliers. Requests to change or cancel a booking within 7 days of the confirmed date will often result in the forfeiture of the booking. An administration fee of $15 will be charged to booking changes where there is greater than 7 days to the confirmed date. Changes within 7 days of the confirmed date will be subject to a $25 administration fee as a minimum. Changes within 48hrs of the confirmed date will be charged a $50 administration fee as a minimum. If for reasons outside of our control (weather, availability etc) we had to cancel the experience we will contact you as soon as possible to organise another suitable time.


If you choose an email voucher it will be sent immediately to your designated email address. If you choose a gift pack it will be sent via NZ Couriers within 48hrs of your order being placed and should reach it's destination within 1-2 business days following dispatch. Your Gift Pack will be sent in a plain non branded express post envelope so as to conceal any surprise. The envelope dimensions are (height =200mm, width = 180mm and depth =10mm) and therefore will fit in most letterboxes.

Redeeming Your Voucher

We will send confirmation of your booking direct to your email address. If you do not receive an email regarding your booking within 3 working days of making a redemption over the internet or via phone please contact the supplier or us directly as there may be a problem with your email address. i.e. your email address was incorrect or spam filters are deleting our emails. If we don't hear from you we will consider your booking confirmed and the email received. You may forfeit your voucher if you are unable to attend on the confirmed day.


Your voucher will be valid for six months and the recipient is welcome to exchange it for an alternate experience (once only) free of charge within the six month time frame (Vouchers won through the FreemanX Auction are not transferable). Subsequent changes will incur an administration fee. The expiry date of the voucher will remain six months from time of original purchase. If the chosen experience is of a higher value, payment of the difference will be required. If the chosen experience is of a lesser value the difference will be issued via a Gift Voucher that is valid for 6 months from the date of the original purchase. Vouchers can be extended for a period of 3 months for a fee of $30. A voucher can be re-activated within 30 days of it becoming expired for a fee of $50 plus the difference in cost if the experience price has increased since the original purchase. Expired vouchers are nonrefundable in whole or in part. After a voucher has expired no transactions are possible. Vouchers are non redeemable for cash and are non refundable (excluding where refunds are permitted under the terms of Ticket Insurance or the 14 Day Change of Mind terms).

14 Day Change of Mind Refunds

If you have purchased a voucher and are not completely happy with it, you can contact us for a refund within 14 Days of the purchase date. The refund excludes any delivery or transaction/booking fees paid at the time of purchase. Refunds will only be permitted for valid open-dated vouchers. Once you have requested a booking, your voucher cannot be cancelled and is not refundable. The refund will be processed back to the purchaser & will be refunded in the same form of tender. The Change of Mind policy does not apply to Dollar Flexi Vouchers or Direct ship items (e.g. Gift Hampers or physical products that are dispatched). After 14 days from the purchase date, no refunds for change of mind will be given. Un-used, un-expired vouchers can be exchanged free of charge (please refer to Vouchers section for terms of exchange).

Ticket Insurance

While Tickets and Gift Certificates are typically not refundable there is an exception for customers who at the time of purchasing their ticket also purchased the insurance option made available. If insurance was purchased and the supplier of the event cancelled the entire event or activity on your confirmed date i.e. all persons booked on that day were cancelled due to whatever reason i.e. weather, mechanical failure, venue availability etc, and you do not wish to book an alternative date then the cost of the activity can be refunded to you at your request. (the refund does not include the booking fee or the cost of insurance originally paid).


If for any reason your selected venue or experience was withdrawn we would make our best efforts to provide your experience through an alternate venue, if this is not suitable we will happily exchange your voucher to an alternative experience of the same or lesser value. FreemanX works in conjunction with some of New Zealand's finest experience suppliers, participation is conditional of acceptance of their individual Terms and Conditions.

Experience Descriptions

You can contact our customer service team for clarification on any experience. The information supplied is correct at time of publication, however it is abbreviated and may change slightly from time to time without notice. The complete set of information regarding your selected experience will be sent out with your gift pack and participation is conditional on acceptance of that description.


All experiences unless expressly mentioned in the experience details are supplied excluding transportation to and from relevant venues.

Experience Pictures

The pictures are used as an indication only of the experiences. The venues, vehicles, settings, and craft may vary.

Session Lengths

Session lengths are an indication only of the time you will be at the venue. At most venues you will take turn with members of the public and Session lengths are an indication only of the time you will be at the venue. At most venues you will take turn with members of the public and waiting time may be involved.


FreemanX provides all information regarding any restrictions that may apply in the gift pack i.e. minimum age, weight, health or any other restriction. Please read through your gift pack material on receipt and contact us within two weeks of receipt if the experience is not suitable.


Certain experiences supplied by FreemanX may be unsuitable or require alternate arrangements for individuals with a disability. We are happy to make any such practicable arrangements on your behalf. Please make us aware of any such disability on ordering your experience.


All experiences are subject to availability so it is advisable to book at least 3 weeks in advance. Longer advance bookings are recommended for peak times including weekends and holidays.

The Weather

Certain experiences are subject to weather conditions. If in the event the experience is cancelled due to unsuitable weather conditions, an alternative booking will be made available.


If you are unsatisfied with your experience on the day, please bring it to the attention of the venue management on the day. It is important you do this so that both parties have immediate access to a solution. Our ability to offer an adequate solution after the day is often limited if this is not done.

Promotions/ Competitions

FreemanX runs games and promotions from time to time where competitions are in place. FreemanX reserves the right to exclude and cancel any entries or participants if they are deemed to be outside of 'fair practice'. This is decided at the sole discretion of FreemanX and no correspondence will be entered into. FreemanX Staff and past employees are not eligible for any games, promotions, or competitions run by FreemanX.

FreemanX Acts as an Agent

FreemanX acts as an agent only. FreemanX suppliers provide their services directly to the customer. We make no guarantees or warranties implied or otherwise about the services that are provided to the customer by our suppliers. FreemanX sells Experience Vouchers for businesses that provide recreational activities and other services. While FreemanX chooses it's suppliers carefully, FreemanX is not a provider of the services and has no responsibility for any activities and/or services provided or not provided by the supplier or any other party. All FreemanX vouchers are subject to the supplier/operator's terms and conditions and FreemanX terms and conditions. FreemanX holds no authority or influence over any supplier or their operations.


FreemanX has no liability for any damage or loss caused by any negligent omission or act of any service provider or third party. FreemanX has no liability for any act, default or omission, whether negligent or otherwise, of any service provider. Where FreemanX's liability cannot be excluded, such liability is limited to the value of the voucher purchased.

Other Information

All Prices are in New Zealand dollars, include GST and are correct at time of publication. FreemanX reserves the right to change prices without notice. Any change in price will be communicated before an order is placed. FreemanX selects suppliers carefully and is associated with world class affiliates. However FreemanX cannot guarantee the satisfactory performance or the safety standards of any of our suppliers. This website contains the most up to date version of our terms and conditions and supersedes any previous version whether online, print or any other version. The images, illustrations, and text contained within this website are protected by copyright and must not be replicated in whole or part unless given the express permission of FreemanX NZ Ltd.

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